Sɛt Yu Mɔt

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Mama, yu se na smɔl nɔmɔ – Sɛt yu mɔt! Mama, i de at – Sɛt yu mɔt! Mama bɔt a gɛt sɛns pas Alfajɔ – Sɛt yu mɔt! Mama na mi go bi Dɔkta – Sɛt yu mɔt! A du bɛtɛ pas ɔl mi kompin dɛn na skul, Mama – Sɛt yu […]

Certified Diamond

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When Kanye West released “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, I felt like my two worlds were colliding.  I’m an avid hip-hop fan and in 2005, Mr West was arguably the biggest hip-hop artist in the world and here he was about to release  the most anticipated album of the year to […]