Sierra Leone Week 2020 – #SaloneWeek

After three years of celebrating Sierra Leone Arts & Culture, the Young Sierra Leonean is proud to present a brand-new programming for 2020… Sierra Leone Week – #SaloneWeek.

Wetin na Sierra Leone Week?

Sierra Leone Week is a series of events during the week of Sierra Leone’s Independence, to celebrating everything Sierra Leonean. The first two of these events are in partnership with Poplar Union and will be taking place on Saturday 25thApril and Tuesday 28thApril respectively.

The first in our series of shows is Kam Lɛ Wi Tɔk with Alim Kamara which takes place Saturday 25thApril 2020.

As the name suggests, Kam Lɛ Wi Tɔk is an in conversation with our special guest. We’ve witnessed many shows with artists before but we never really get a chance to sit down and chat to many of them… this is our chance to delve into the making of the great man that is Alim Kamara, whilst simultaneously networking with fellow Sierra Leoneans and allies.

The aim of independence week is to have an event every single day during the week but with this being our first take at it, we start moderately. After Kam Lɛ Wi Tɔk, we take a 2-day break to let everything marinade.

The second event in the series will be Parable Parebul which takes place on Tuesday 28thApril 2020. Parable Parebul is an evening of Storytelling, visuals, previews, music and much more from Specially selected guests and members of the Young Sierra Leonean, Fea Fasuluku, Elicia Fyle, Mariam Kargbo & Abu Yillah.

You can expect original content from our guests and hosts, as well as classic work from Sierra Leonean legends reimagined.

As our events have a good habit of usually selling out, make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Kam jɔyn wi bo, mek wi sɛlibret Salon Indipɛndɛnt wan kayn we.

 As the aim is curate a week full of events… be sure to watch this space for potentially more events.

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