Roll Your Sleeves with Eve @ Theatre Peckham

Roll Your Sleeves With Eve, a futuristic play written by young Sierra Leonean, Shamila Sulaiman, has been chosen to be part of Theatre Peckham’s Young Gifted & Black festival.

Set in 2050, Roll Your Sleeves With Eve is a romantic-comedy & drama about a badly behaved celebrity chef who goes through an intrusive, borderline illegal therapy to confront her demons from her chaotic past, both romantic and familial relationships – all broadcasted for the world to see. 

Back from an initial SOLD-OUT run in the summer, RYSWE has now found a new home in Theatre Peckham due to popular demands. The cast include some of the fantastic ensemble from its premier run, along with some new faces, new revelations and even more vibrance masterpiece of a play.

Tickets to Roll Your Sleeves With Eve can be purchased from Theatre Peckham and we hope to see you there.

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