#SLACfest Presents: André Bright

With now under six weeks until the most anticipated day in the green, white and blue calendar, it’s only right that we start introducing you to some of the faces you can expect to grace our stage this year with all their plethora of disciplines and arts.

Meet André Bright… A #SLACfest 2019 Speaker!

André is an Architect, Choreographer and Entrepreneur living in London, and born in Sierra Leone. He has a vision to equip young people of the continent, and diaspora to turn their passions into an economy

He developed an idea called ‘Be/Come – the identity and cultural displacement of the African diaspora’ which can now be followed at www.becomeimmersive.co.uk

This idea has grown from various iterations of a dance theatre production exploring themes of identity and displacement, to a series of talks discussing experiences around those themes, to winning Arts Council funding to develop the 3rd edition of the National Storytelling Festival (NSF) in Sierra Leone with Caramel Soldier (H4RT dance creator), Myriam Gadri (NY choreographer),  Usifu Jalloh (The Cowfoot Prince), Ansumana Keita and Theriyeh Koroma of the Patriotic Advocacy Network (PAN).

It has now also expanded into a series of youth empowerment seminars.

André strongly believes that the packaging of the arts as a means for us to communicate our own narrative and boost tourism will be a catalyst for change in Sierra Leone

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.” 

– Victor Pinchuk 

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