Welcome to The Young Sierra Leonean

We are the Young Sierra Leonean, and our mission is to change the narrative and perception of Sierra Leone, beyond Freetown.

To cut a long story short, we were brought together by the tragedy of August 2017, the devastating mudslides which displaced many. Of the back of the tragedy, a group of young adults in the uk diaspora decided to host a charity fundraiser for those affected and collectively we formed ‘Beyond Freetown’, a smaller faction of the Salone Collective.

After raising over £500 for the charity Mama-Pikin Foundation through our fundraiser, we decided that it was time to make our nation more visible, beyond Freetown.

We are currently planning our follow up events for 2018 and welcome partnering up with any individuals and/or organisations that share our vision and core values.

Our vision is for every young person in every major city and town in Sierra Leone, to be computer-literate by 2030.

Our purpose and core values are;
Self-Improvement – unlocking potential
Empowerment – developing new skills
Creating opportunity – increasing job prospect

For comments, queries, feedbacks, or just to say ‘how di body?’, you can reach us at kushe@YoungSL.com

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