Save the Date!

Fambul dɛm, una dɔn yɛri? 

Di Salon at ɛn kɔlchɔ fɛstival nain dɔn kam bak so! 

“Na wetin dat?” a yɛri una de aks?

Wɛl dis na di nɔmba wan sɛlibreshɔn ɔf wi yɔng pipul dɛm frɔm ɔl ova di wɔl. Dis nɔto jɔs ingland ɔ salon tiŋ o… dis na tiŋ fɔ salon pipul dɛn we de ɔlsay. 

Di det fɔ dis ivɛnt yaso na

Satide, 26th Ɔktoba 2019, 12pm te 6pm

Di ples we I go apin na Lɔndɔn. 

Tikɛt dɛn go dɔn rɛdi frɔm Julay/Ɔgɔst tɛm.

Wetin yu se? Yu padi go wan kam bɔt i nɔ sabi tɔk krio? Ah ah mek I nɔ wɔri… Dis nɔto jɔs krio biznɛs o. In fakt mek a tɔk to yu padi…

Yes, hello, welcome welcome… welcome all friends of Sierra Leone. The Young Sierra Leone would like to invite you to the third edition of its annual Sierra Leone Arts & Culture festival, aka #SLACfest. 

Bringing you the best in art and creativity from young Sierra Leoneans scattered all over the world all in a day that promises to be a true cultural exchange. You can expect an exhibition of young people’s work, talks & presentations on growing up Sierra Leonean in the diaspora, with a hint of poetry, music and of course food.

The date of this amazing event is

Saturday, 26th October 2019, 12pm to 6pm

The place to be is London. 

Tickets go on sale from July/August. 

For all the latest on our planning stages, follow @Young_Salone on instagram and twitter.

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