Beautiful Sierra Leone – A Poem

S – is for stating my ancestors’ home.
I’m proud to say I’m from Sierra Leone!

I – is for improving the country’s narrative.
There’s beaches, there’s culture; a great place to live.

E – is for Enlightenment, let’s share our culture
Our art, our fashion, and architecture.

R – is for restore, let’s uplift Salone!
It’s beauty and strength should indeed be shown!

R – is for rice and cassava leaves.
It’s the best food in the world! That’s my belief.

A – is for akara, a sweet, sweet snack.
It’s sold at luncheon sales – four in a pack!


L – is for the lovely Lion Mountains.
A courageous nation with tasty plantains.

E – is for encouragement, our country is great.
Our diamonds and markets provide beauty to the state.

O – is for the oral language of Krio.
It connects the many tribes; a true hero.

N – is for the nation’s national anthem,
It’s sung with pride and true patriotism.

E – is for exciting times on their way.
Sierra Leone will prosper! Let’s work and pray.

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